Not the Dog You Think It Is.

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Like me, I’d like to think that my father’s love of dogs came from his father. Unfortunately, I can never be sure. I never knew my grandpa Shaw. He passed away when I was three, so any bit of knowledge about him has come…


One year ago, on July 31st, my eldest sister Debbie called me in the morning. I was getting in the shower to get ready to drive myself and Dee to Vernal for our monthly trip. Dee had to work that night, and we were running short on several things needed…

I received the word of Kellen’s passing at about midnight on Wednesday, April 21st. A mutual friend and ex-work companion messaged me through Facebook. She told me the details as she knew them and having just gone to bed I fell asleep knowing that I wouldn’t see my friend again…

Frank Shaw

I podcast. I write. I compose. I work a 9–5. I read and game. And I hang out with my dogs and my one-eyed cat.

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